Monday, 12 January 2009



Paperwork is not one of my strong points.Anything online I am fine with but if it involves pieces of paper, stamps etc. it gets put it off to the last minute. I was however fairly proud of myself for preparing my latest travel claim, all the necessary receipts in order and in the special envelope ready to post. Now if I'd been super organised I would have photocopied everything ... but I didn't. I left the dogs for minutes - returning to find my carefully prepared returns shredded. I recovered what I could but suspect many VAT numbers are on their way to being digested. The next hour was spent with a reel of sellotape trying to piece together the puzzle. Another argument for the paperless office... or dog less house!!

Friday, 9 January 2009


Apart from normal work Marley had to go to the vets - nothing serious, just to get his nails cut. As the nice vet lady went to grab him I noticed what looked like poo sticking out of his rear end. It was one of those awkward moments where you either pretend not to notice - risking more embarrassment or just say something. So I pointed it out and she politely explained that it goes with job - but then she started to pull on the foreign object. "Has he been eating grass?", well not actually grass but he does like reeds from the pond - about 30 inches of reed actually. Anyway the tenuous connection is obviously, reed, pond, Goldfish. I will try much harder tomorrow - could do with some people pictures.

Saturday, 3 January 2009


The weather was great today which meant we could take the dogs to the beach. We drove to Kingsdown and had a nice walk. Marley went and introduced himself to a some fisherman then stole some of their bait - raw squid. I went and apologised but they weren't too bothered - in fact they told me they didn't expect to catch anything anyway. I managed a reasonable picture of Bob but next time I will take my light stand and umbrella.