Saturday, 13 September 2008

Ahh bless

Well we have had him a week now. That timid, shy little pup that we brought home is gaining confidence minute by minute and developing his own character. At times he is also influencing mine.


On our first afternoon we visited the local vets for a check up and injection. I expected him to yelp and whine but he didn't even blink as the needle went in - it hurt me more than him. Well actually it hurt Hazel most as she paid the bill. I have built him a small pen in the corner of my office where we have put his bed and food bowls and he has quickly accepted this as his space. During the day the door is open but I can shut him in at night or when we need him to be safely out of the way. He now collects things, shoes, trainers, sticks and anything else he can carry and takes them back to his lair. He has even attempted to steal Thomas' school rucksack - he can't carry it but drags it along the floor. -- Cheers Alan

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