Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Out for a bracing walk, the early morning sun lighting the beautiful contryside, mind wandering, planning the day ahead . Two obedient, well behaved dogs by my side - makes you feel good to be alive.


Torrential rain finding every seam in my not so waterproof - mud, huge expanses of mud that will be transferred via the dogs to the house! Dog number one gets himself into a field where he should not be. A David Attenborough expedition, grappling through the wet undergrowth to recover the hound. Now having had enough we need to get back quickly, we head across the playing field and on approaching the footpath I reach for the leads - they are not around my neck. Must have dropped the bloody things so we set off retracing our steps. We bump - not literally into another dog owner who tells me he found my leads in the corner of the field so we head off to pick them up.

Dog number two - who shall remain nameless - gets into the 'no access' field and then seemingly disappears. Another undergrowth expedition ensues but I still can't locate the wayward hound. I soon realise that he has managed to get into a garden that backs onto the field. Through the hedge and fence I see him in the middle of the lawn looking really pleased with himself examining his find - a black rubbish sack. The 'gundog' approved whistle has no effect nor to my calls of 'what's this' - I now know I am going to late for my dentist appointment.

I get on my hands and knees - peering under the fence, this small gap is what he must have got through. A gust of wind blows some of the rubbish from the now torn black bag in my direction, He chases the soiled serviette - I grab and latch on to his collar. The other owners little dogs are now assisting with the rescue mission barking furiously - the little Jack Russell is trying to get thought the gap currently accommodated by my arm. How can I get a Labrador sized lump through such a small gap. I figure he must have managed to get through so should be a able to return. I pull with all my strength unceremoniously dragging the muddy mutt through the gap and the stinging nettles, yep, loads of them. How do they manage to sting through jeans!

Anyway - off home for a coffee? No such luck, dentist appointment for me.....

Update - stings over my hands, arms and left leg. Mouth numb from a filling - still no coffee! 

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