Monday, 6 February 2012

Dancing on ice

A Marley moment - this wasn't quite a Marley adventure! 

Picture the scene, this morning's winter walk. A road cleared by the snow plough but still a shallow compact covering making things very slippery. I was tentatively moving forward on a steady course a dog on each side of me with them gently pulling on their leads. 

Ahead of us a lady with a small terrier - it spots my two and in a small dog way utters a little bark. Marley understands that this means 'Hey, come and play in the snow' and lurches forward. Not wanting to be left out Bob follows.

Sixty plus kilograms of dog force mean I have little choice but to go along with them scrabbling for balance and grip - like something from the Dancing on Ice out takes. We quickly arrive at our new friends, the little terrier now wishes he hadn't said hello and cowers behind his owner spinning her so she was no longer facing us.

Marley darts to her right and Bob to her left like a well practiced pinser movement. I have little choice, in fact - no choice, collision is inevitable. Contact is made like a high speed Heimlich maneuver on ice. After a brief flurry of twisted leads we untangle ourselves and I drag the mutts away. I am not saying contact was close but I am so glad I had cleaned my teeth.

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