Saturday, 3 March 2012

Bloody Dog

At the weekend I was chatting to a couple whilst their young grandchild was making a fuss of the dogs. I said to the little lad, "This is Bob and Marley'. The grandmother told me that she already knew Marley, he was a regular visitor to their garden to steal food from the bird table - although she did mention he was a lovely dog. She than added that she wouldn't be seeing him anymore as they had a new fence!!

So, this morning I couldn't find the wayward hound. I heard a banging from the direction of the old couples garden. A quick look over the fence and I saw that Marley had successfully negated the new perimeter and to make matters worse had knocked over the newly installed bird table, the contents strewn across the lawn, a real Labrador picnic.

Bloody dog!!

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